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Alternate ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Suits + Sequel Trailer December 5th

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Stars spoiling the movie version of old books during interviews.

The fact that Martin doesn’t look “sorry” at all gets me.

This is actually a really interesting discussion, though.

Because on the one hand, I 100% understand people who understand that the book is out and they could learn the ending if they wanted to, but have chosen for whatever reason to watch the movie first (or to not read the book at all), and want to be able to experience the movie without having all the twists and turns spoiled for them.

But where do you draw the line with that? Is it a spoiler that Romeo and Juliet die? Is it a spoiler that Gatsby and Daisy have an affair? And is it a question of how long the book in question has been out, or how well-known the story is?

I find it all very interesting to think about.